In her paintings, T.S. Harris presents a dazzling aqueous vision that merges the past with the present.

Aptly called “Sunshine Noir”, T.S. Harris’ paintings speak to the central issues of human existence- desire and loss, impermanence and beauty, and the many dimensions of our connections with others.

Inspired by snapshots and film stills from the mid-century, the paintings are colorful yet bittersweet, depicting fleeting moments captured almost a lifetime ago. Suspended in time, Harris’ stylish and elegant cropped figures put on scarlet lipstick, dream by the pool or sit in contemplation. With the context of their actions removed, the women and figures become mysterious; they are alluring not only for their figures, but for the secrets that they hold.

Raised by two professional artists, Harris’ art career began at an early age. Initially showing in her family’s gallery and then branching out into other venues, her work has since been featured in museums and galleries nationwide, book covers and magazines, and the movie, The Face of Love. Harris lives and works in San Luis Obispo.